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 American Printer Award

News Publishers' Press received the prestigious top 50 Fastest Growing Printers Award for 2000 and 2001 placing No. 11 and No. 7 respectively.
The award was given each year to the fastest growing printers in the U.S. over a two year period.   Jeff Jutras, president of News Publishers' Press, was quoted at the end of the article when asked what attributed to our success. “News Publishers' Press is a group of emphatic people because they add more to a company than any piece of machinery or computer ever could.”

 Web Printing Association Award

News Publishers' Press received the Coldset/Non-Heatset Award of Excellence for the “best bound product – text by the open web/coldset” for two years running.   Both years, the award was given for our publication Graphic Arts Directory.   The Web Printing Association is recognized as the premier association for web printers across the United States.